In Cambodia, funding is the biggest barrier to films being made. Most people have to rely on their own pockets to make films. This results in few films being made, and among the films that are made, the quality is low and the stories are unambitious due to the low budgets. The Cambodia Film Fund is a solution to this as it not only offers funding but also capacity strengthening of filmmakers. The Film Fund will facilitate professional training courses to raise the skill sets of young filmmakers as well as provide funding for their projects.



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About this campaign

Film fund

The Problem

Cambodia is a rapidly developing country and in the past decade has seen impressive advancements in infrastructure, technology and economic progress. The arts, especially film, however, have lagged behind due to their intrinsic nature of being classified as a luxury rather than a priority need. Film is the most expensive to produce and requires skill sets which are still rudimentary in Cambodia; therefore, there has been slow progress and as yet there is no formal funding support for filmmakers.

Hence, there is an urgent need for projects such as the Cambodia Film Fund which can support young filmmakers in Cambodia who have creative stories to tell but require creative support and funding to bring those to the screen. 


Our Solution

This is an innovative way to get youngCambodians to be involved in the creation of new films by young people. Funding is the biggest barrier to films being made in Cambodia since most people have to rely on their own pockets to make the films. This results in very few films being made, and even among the films that are made, due to the low budgets, the quality is low and the stories are unambitious.

In the past few years there has been a tremendous increase in the number of film theatres showing mostly western and foreign films. The audience has also increased due to higher spending capacity among the youth and heightened interest in watching films in settings that match international standards. But although the quality and standard of cinemas has improved substantially, the quality and quantity and films made locally have not. There is a great need to improve the film industry through the creation of quality films that can generate interest and income within the country as well as abroad. 

The Cambodia Film Fund is a solution to this as it not only offers funding but also capacity strengthening for potential filmmakers which can make a difference in improving the quality of the films and subsequently garner reputation and income for the filmmakers.


Objectives and Plans

1.    Start a social media campaign to initiate conversations about the Cambodian film industry, the situation so far, and what solutions can be enacted to improve the film scenario.

2.    Conduct research among young filmmakers what they would like to learn to improve their skills.

3.    Establish a resource center (including a library of books and films) that gathers information about opportunities for film funding, training, fellowships, festivals and competitions and distribute the information to filmmakers through a regular online newsletter.

4.    Develop a website that disseminates relevant and current information on filmmaking. This also doubles as the repository of current films being made.

5.    Recruit experienced trainers and mentors who develop a training package covering key fundamental skillsets.

6.    Launch and conduct regular training and mentorship programmes.

7.    Develop a criteria and required steps for funding eligibility.

8.    Convene a jury for judging proposals for funding.

9.    Launch a Scriptwriting competition from which the winning scripts are awarded to be made into films.

10.  Fund the winning films from the Scriptwriting competition. Fund other deserving films.

11.  Submit the best films to international film festivals. When necessary, provide funding for the filmmaker to be   present.

12.  Partner with international film showcase websites like and disseminate Cambodian films internationally.


    Financial Goals

The Cambodia Film Fund funding target includes money that will be distributed to filmmakers to make their short films.

The funding required is to cover the following:

  •         personnel to manage the Film Fund
  •         development of a training package for young filmmakers
  •         training and mentoring for young filmmakers
  •         budgets for film production
  •         budgets for marketing and distribution of films
  •         funds for filmmakers to attend film festivals


    Total budget: $66,500.

  •         Website - $2,000.
  •         Resource center - $5,000.
  •         Personnel (2 pax, 6 months) - $6,000.
  •         Outreach activities - $2,000.
  •         Training activities - $20,000.
  •         Funding for films (ten short films) - $20,000.
  •         Funding for festival attendance (two pax) - $6,000.
  •         Marketing of films - $5,000.
  •            Communication (phone, internet, social media) - $500.

When each phase is funded the activity will be implemented and updates will be released to the funders before, during and after each phase.

All activities will be reported through social media on a regular basis. The budget breakdown will be shared on both the Cambodia Film Fund website and Cambodia Film Fund Facebook page. Funders can see exactly where the money is going. When the money is expended, we will release updates of expenditure at periodic intervals along with pictures and videos to showcase the work being done.


The Team (Who we are)

The Cambodia Film Fund is an undertaking of ComeTogether, a social enterprise and cooperative initiated by film, media and communications professionals. The ComeTogether team consists of award-winning filmmakers who have produced highly appreciated films and TV series and worked extensively with the best professionals in the country. Chhay Bora, the President of the Motion Picture Association of Cambodia, will chair the Cambodia Film Fund supported by other up-and-coming names in the industry.




Chhay Bora - Best Director, 4th Cambodia National Film Awards 2015
3.5, Lost Loves


Sothea Ines - Writer/Director; Winner, Tropfest SEA 2014


Chap Somchanrith - Writer/Director; Director of the Year, Cambodian International Film Festival 2015

Loy9, Love9, Fistful of Pebbles


Chey Sambath - Writer/Producer/Director; Director of the Year, Cambodian International Film Festival 2014

Loy9, Love9, Down this Road


Chhin Sothea - Writer/Producer/Director; Audience Choice Award, Tropfest SEA 2015.

Loy9, Love9, The Scavenger


Deependra Gauchan - Former Executive Producer of BBC Media Action

Love 2 the power of 4


We will invite other prominent figures in the film industry to join the Board. We will recruit leading industry professionals to become mentors and trainers. Linkages will be made with other individuals, organisations and government departments working in the related field for advice and support. 


We will recruit three persons working in the field of film to manage the various departments. Communication and social media support will be provided by the ComeTogether media team and associates.





  • almost 2 years ago

    Cedric Jancloes

    Hi to all our supporters, the campaign has started, please spread the word, share on fb and ask people you know to support our campaign by sending sms (cellcard users) to 5010 or to make donations at wing agents using the number #08, giving your name and phone - If you have a credit card, use the TOSFUND online system with ACLEDA payment gateway - safe and secure! Thanks for all your help. Finally, if you want to help but without money, just register and add your name to our backers list by clicking the 'Support This project' button on this page!

  • almost 2 years ago

    Cedric Jancloes

    We are very happy to announce that the តោះFUND platform starts working on 31st March 2016 - it will be the start of a great adventure for all of us. Please check this page again for news about our campaign after the 31st of March. Tell all your friends about this project and ask them to be ready to help! Thanks.


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