The Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society (PPAWS) aims to improve the welfare of Cambodia’s cats and dogs. We work with pagodas to give direct treatment to animals such as deworming and surgical care. In the process, we provide education and support adoption of animals. We also reduce the risk of future problems by neutering cats and dogs to give them a risk-free life. We need your help to cover the costs of our pagoda missions and our voluntary services. The treatment and follow up if one animal costs approximately 40 USD. With 1000 USD, we can help up to 30 animals. Join us in our campaign to improve the welfare of cats and dogs!



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About this campaign

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What is the problem?

There is an increase in stray cats and dogs in the country that causes problems to the animals themselves and to humans. The issue lacks attention leading to many people not taking care of their pets - many are abandoned or not properly taken care of. Traditionally, the pagodas become a refuge for abandoned animals. The monks may not have the resources to fully take care of the animals and the animals reproduce, making the problem greater. This leads to mistreatment of animals, spread of illnesses, and ultimately unnecessary suffering. 

Our Solution

  1. Work with pagodas to Take Care of Animals: In Cambodia, it is traditionally the role of the monks in the pagodas to Care for those who can not care for themselves: the orphans, the Elderly or disabled, and also stray or abandoned Animals. Unfortunately, in Phnom Penh this system is struggling, and many pagodas can not afford the time or resources to protect every animal that is brought to them (or all those born at the pagodas). Our aim is not to undermine this system, but to assist. When able, PPAWS provides deworming and emergency medical treatment for extreme cases that would otherwise suffer.
  2. Spay and neuter stray Animals in order to limit stray populations: Spaying and neutering (also called desexing) is recognized worldwide as a key way to fight overpopulation of strays (Homeless Cats and Dogs). Reducing stray populations prevents disease, unnecessary death and general suffering. Desexing also improves an individual animal's quality of life by limiting risk of anxiety, physical trauma and numerous health conditions. It is not feasible to provide these procedures to every animal in the city, but PPAWS has established a low-cost spay / neuter clinic and is building a program for traveling around Cambodia to provide care. Again, it is highly recommended that owners spay or neuter their pets on their own.
  3. Educate About Animal welfare and responsible pet Ownership: If Animal welfare in Phnom Penh is to be improved, it is important that both locals and expats understand the Basic Rights of Animals. Responsible pet ownership begins before one acquires a pet, and proper care requires time, patience, commitment and money. Many animals are left at the pagodas or streets by overwhelmed owners, and foreigners often take in pets and later realize it is too difficult to export an animal to another country. PPAWS also encourages owners to spay or neuter their pets in order to prevent future homeless animals.
  4. Find homes for Animals that need Extra Care: PPAWS is not a rescue center and does not have the means to accept unwanted pets or litters of New kittens or puppies. However, certain animals left to the pagodas have serious conditions that require special care (eg paralysis, traumatic injury). In such cases, PPAWS may seek permission from the monks to take these animals to a PPAWS volunteer home, give them veterinary care, and find someone to adopt.

Who we are?

The Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society (PPAWS) is an organization based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. PPAWS was founded in 2011 by Nicola Scales. Our aim is to improve the welfare of Cambodia's cats and dogs, while improving Cambodia's environment

What will we do?

This will be a long term project where we will provided free medical services [spaying and neutering] animals in the pagoda to decrease the amount of unwanted animals around Cambodia. We will collect the funds so that we are able to buy more medical supplies to treat, spay and neuter the street animals, while provide a home for street animals that need extra care, work with animals in pagodas and educated people about animal welfare and being a responsible pet owner. So that we can both decreased the amount of street animals and increase animal welfare in Cambodia.

How people can help?

You can help provide support for these poor animals so that can have a better lifestyle by simply sharing our campaign to your social media or donating to our fundraising campaign. You can help change these animal's lives and improve Cambodia's animal welfare

Use of funds:

We will use the money to buy medical supplies for medical treatment for these animals. Since we do not charge the pagoda's monk any money when providing our services. Spaying and neutering one dog or cat usually cost around $ 50. Even a small amount of money can help change these animal's lives.    

•    By donating 40USD we can neuter just 1 dog (this includes the costs of transport, medicine and treatment follow up)

•    By donating 100USD you can sponsor the vaccination of 10 stray dogs or cats.

•    By donating 500USD we can conduct a special mission with an individual Pagoda to neuter the majority of stray cats and dogs there (usually 10 to 15 animals can benefit each time)

PPAWS welcomes any volunteers to help in the pagoda trips - volunteers are asked to cover their own transport fees and are kindly invited to bring any gifts they wish to make to the pagodas and or animals. Volunteers that join us in the pagoda missions can also get a special supporters T-shirt for the discounted price of 15usd.

If you wish to adopt an animal, please get inn touch with us directly so that we can put you on our adopters lists. Contact: (+855)70 666 509

We are very thankful for any donation, please keep supporting us to make these animal's lives better, and making Cambodia's animal welfare better. 


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