Imagine that you are 10 years old and you are trying to study but you have not had anyting to drink for hours ...... This is the situation we want to address. In Cambodia alone, there are 3.8 million of the population do not have access to safe water,  and 40% of primary schools face this problem which results in low school attendance rates for girls and negative health for many others. But together we can make a difference. We know a school - Bopha Foundation for Community (BFC or Palm School) located in Kompong Speu that gives over 120 children free study English & Chinese lessons each day. But they face the problem of clean drinking water. As a human-being it doesn't make sense that we could stand there doing nothing, right? 



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About this campaign


What is the Problem?

Water is a fundamental need in our daily life, whether for ourselves or for life around us. All of us need clean & safe water, luckily if we live in Phnom Penh city, we can get access to safe water easily, but let's take a look at some of the poor children: everyday they drink water from unsafe water supplies (ponds or wells).

"Whenever I take a shower, it reminds me that some people do not even have clean water to drink.” - CHHLAT 

Here is the voice of those that are affected by this problem: “Personally, I have sore throat after drinking water, some children did too, but the common illness they get are fever and diarrhea. If we keep drink this water, we will develop to have kidney stones in the future. Apparently, kids in the photos, they have big belly, this should be the cause of many unknown bacteria in the water” - Bopha

Here is a link to Palm School' Facebook page so you can reach out for more information.

What is Our Solution?

Seeing this problem, CHHLAT committed to help the children of Palm school by donating 2 water filter tanks, but these won't last forever, because the filters will wear out due to extensive use. The best solution we have identified, is therefore to build a natural water purification system that costs about 600$, but our budget is limited, so we need your contribution. 

Who We Are:

CHHLAT is a newly created company that focuses on changing people’s behavior in an easy and economic way: we distribute eco-friendly bottles that can be used day after day with the CHHLAT water machine that students can refill at school. Please visit our Facebook page for more information.

Our efforts have recently been recognised by 2 powerful entrepreneur groups such as the Impact Hub and Cellcard-Lab.

One of the key values of our brand is to make an impact on communities. For this we have been focusing on helping one school that shares our ethical and ecological approach, the Palm School in Kompong Speu. It is in partnership with the school and its lead members that we have come up with the idea of a water purification system.

What We Will Do:

We will provide the water system and help to set it up on site in the Palm School in Kompong Speu. The School has 120 students and with this system, we can help them get daily drinking water. We will follow up on the use of the system and make sure it is well maintained by the school so that its use can be sustained for life time. 

If we manage to raise more than 600 usd (for one system), we will simply scale up to many other schools or communities that can't access to clean & safe water. But this can happen only we - Khmer together to help them, so we really count on your support.

How you can help?

"Good deeds, should be done together" isn't it? We strongly believe that humanity can surge out of anyone of us, anywhere and whatever the age. Keep it in mind: every penny of yours counts. So please help us to achieve our dream of helping the young children and donate with us to provide them some safe & clean water, giving them hygiene solutions and water to drink daily. 

There are 3 ways you can donate:

  1. Cellcard user, please send a blank sms to 5025, this mean you donate 50c per time, so you can send as much as you want
  2. Click on 'Back this campaign' and donate online on TosFUND with any of these credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, JCB or Diners
  3. You can also give Offline - just give us a call, we will go to pick-up, and we will post your donation on our CHHLAT page. By doing this, you also can take a photo with our team when you meet them!

There are other ways you can help if you do not have money: 

  1. Talk about this idea to your friends and family
  2. Organize a little fund-raiser among your connections, and make donations as a group

You can also really help us by spreading the word online:

  1. Visit our FB page and gives us your like.
  2. Invite your Facebook friends to our page
  3. Follow us and share our messages on your FB profile or pages.

Use of Funds:

CHHLAT has a small but very transparent management structure. We are fully accountable for the funds you give us, and to ensure this, we will keep a clear communication about our use of the donations. You can follow our evolution on our FB page

600 usd covers the cost of one system. The funds received will be kept in a special TosFUND account and you can see the total online anytime. When we reach our aim of 600 usd – then we will provide the system to the school, and we will take a lot of pictures to show you the faces of the happy children! If we do not reach our goal, the money collected will donate the other type of filters that has limited time of use. 


Not only you can feel good by making donations but also you can feel great by getting some special rewards depending on how much you decide to donate.

First, anyone that makes a donation (online or offline) will get a thank you note on CHHLAT FB page, and on top, you also get your name on the "natural water purify system" placed in the school. 

Please have a look at the exiting rewards you can get:

There are 6 colors of bottles (blue, pink, green, yellow, brown, purple) Please mention what's you love. 

  • For donating  5$            =      1 handmade postcard by kid at BFC 
  • For donating 10$          =       1 small CHHLAT bottle (450ml) 
  • For donating 15$.         =       1 big CHHLAT bottle (700ml) 
  • For donating  50$ up    =       1 small + 1 big CHHLAT bottle + a trip to visit Palm School with CHHLAT Team (when we build the purification system – this way you can see              the first-hand results of your support.

Delivery Date

  • CHHLAT bottle gift is going to deliver every Saturday afternoon
  • Post card gift is expect to deliver after install "natural water purification system "


  • All donors who donate by credit card is automatically listed on our TosFUND campaign page (link) – or you can also decide to remain anonymous and your donation will be listed but not your name.

     This is an impact driven action, so don’t wait!

Join us now to make a clear impact for the Khmer children.


If you want to donate to this project, simply send an sms to this number:


No personal information is collected by us and therefore no rewards are possible using mobile payments. The donation is limited to 50 cents. Please repeat send sms to reach the amount you want to donate.

If you want to let others know that you have backed this project, you can add your name to the Backers list by clicking the button below:

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handmade postcard by kid at BFC
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1 handmade postcard by kid at BFC 
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1 small CHHLAT bottle (450ml) 
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1 big CHHLAT bottle (700ml)
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1 small + 1 big CHHLAT bottle + a trip to visit Palm School with CHHLAT Team
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Payment Instructions

If you want to help this project, there are two payment options : mobile and online. Please read the instructions carefully before filling in the rewards and donations form.